About Smart Republic 2019 :

Smart Republic - Multi Partner Platform for Collaborative Development of Smart Cities and Smart Villages.

Theme and Rationale

India is witnessing huge transformations in public service delivery through innovative use of digital technologies under Digital India Agenda. The 100 Smart cities mission along with AMRUT and HRIDAY Missions were announced by Government of India in 2015 with first list of successful cities to pursue Smart City Challenge were announced in 2016. As of now all the 100 cities from across the country have been selected for getting support through center and state governments under the initiative. Additionally, the RURBAN mission was announced for development of smart village clusters.

All these missions have received unprecedented interest from multilateral agencies like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UN habitat besides multiple countries and industry players who want to be part of this big transformation opportunity. However, each of these players is working in isolation with their independent initiatives addressing the same problems. This is resulting in multiplicity of efforts and development of disparate systems by different cities. These systems are not interoperable and in the long run, may result in wastage of investment and resources.

Smart Republic 2019 is envisaged as a Multi Partner global forum to deliberate on the collaboration framework between government and multiple agencies like the World Bank, UN Habitat, UN Global Compact, Asian Development Bank, Industry and academia for achieving shared goal of making India a Smart Republic by 2022. Smart republic forum will focus on innovative ICT and New Media platforms and deployment of best practices to catalyse effective, coordinated and results-based implementation of 100 Smart Cities Program, AMRUT, HRIDAY and RURBAN missions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Smart Republic forum aims to contribute to achievement of following objectives: